I was appointed to be your circuit judge by Governor Kay Ivey. I appreciate the confidence she has in me and I’m committed to serving the people of Walker County.

As a prosecutor for the last 16 years, I have tried all sorts of cases ranging from capital murder to DUI, from rape to theft, and of course many of those crimes had their foundation with drug abuse.

Faith and Family


I married Beverly 26 years ago and we have been blessed with two daughters, Sydney, who is a freshman at Jasper High School and our youngest, Emma Kate is a third grader at Park Elementary.

I still attend the church I was raised in, First Presbyterian Church in Jasper, where I serve as an Elder. 



As your Circuit Judge I will apply the law fairly. No matter who you are, where you live, or your station in life, you will be treated with respect, and you will be judged fairly as the law demands.

I promise to be fair, but deliver justice with a firm hand. If you are guilty of violent crimes against our community, if you harm an innocent child, or you are part of the scourge of drugs being peddled in our county, you will face a stiff penalty. You will go to prison where you belong.



I am a Conservative Republican and I support President Donald Trump.


"People in Walker County deserve a court system that is fair, and a judge with integrity.  I believe a judge must have a good judicial temperament, extensive knowledge of the law, broad experience, and above all, must respect the dignity of all people.” 

–Judge Chris Sherer